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There was a time when golf carts were primarily used to save golfers the trouble of walking all 18 holes. These days, they have become an alternative means of transportation for many people and are used to drive to the grocery store or simply take the dogs for a ride. "When you buy a golf cart is when you improve your social life," Ed says. "When people see others driving carts, they often stop and strike up a conversation." Stop by Don's Golf Carts and browse through the indoor and outdoor show rooms. You'll appreciate the wide selection of reconditioned and used golf carts. In reconditioned golf carts, all parts are new except the frame, so they look and run like a brand new cart and, most im-portantly, are sold at very fair prices. "Most of the reconditioned carts are built to order, and we do that in a cost-effective way which creates a real value for our loyal customers" Ed says.